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"Pure merino wool. Pure class. Pure comfort." Braga Sweaters by Sweaterhouse. Made in Canada from fine 100% merino wool.
Timeless, elegant, comfortable.


Cooper Cardigans, V-Neck and Crew Neck Sweaters, Pullovers. Made in Canada from the finest Italian merino wool blends. Relaxed and comfortable. Masculine and sporty. Trendy and versatile. For men.
Cool. Classy. Cooper.


Tosani Sweaters. 100% fine cotton. The Tosani men's fine sweaters collection. Stylish, unique designs rarely seen elsewhere. Bold or understated, but always in good taste. Pure cotton. Knitted and hand-made in Canada. Tosani men's sweaters presently come in crew necks and v-necks. Scroll down, click on a sweater and you'll find great designs on the next page.
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Cooper for Women

Cooper for Women. Chic, trendy, feminine, comfortable. Made in Canada. Cooper for Women.
Knitted loveliness.

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