VIP Service: Free Customization

At SweaterHouse, every customer is a VIP.

Enjoy a truly unique benefit. At no charge.

Have you ever felt your sweater's fit was a little "off"?

At SweaterHouse we understand that everybody who browses our site is unique and beautiful. That’s why we offer exceptional customer service that's a cut above the rest, to match your individual needs.

It can (and does) happen: Your previous sweaters may fit in one place but not in another ... or those cardigans were almost fine, but their shoulders or sleeves weren't. Or you prefer a pullover with a slightly different sizing. Our sweaters’ measurements are standard but after all, we’re all human and nobody (and no body) is made to measure.

A valuable benefit. As a thank you for purchasing one of our handmade Canadian sweaters, pullovers or cardigans, and allowing us to continue adding to our legacy of quality, we are pleased to offer you the option of having your purchases custom sized at no extra charge.  (You can do that with confidence, since we manufacture all our sweaters ourselves). You are even welcome, and in fact encouraged, to reach out to us and discuss your specifications.

Look perfect, feel perfect.  Here's how: upon receiving your sweater or cardigan, you'll enjoy the convenience of using your home as your fitting room. So, if you then prefer a more individualized fit, simply send the item back to us, along with the required adjustment details. (However it's always a good idea to contact us for advice). We will then customize it to your specifications. And as an added courtesy and benefit, we'll pay the resulting shipping charges.

You are likely to find this elegant and helpful solution ... well, elegant and helpful. It's  a great benefit, a genuine world-class service and, to the best of our knowledge, unique.

Note: our free customization service is of course available world-wide; however, for purchases outside the USA and Canada, due to high international shipping costs we cannot pay for customization-related shipping. Therefore, we highly recommend that in case you'd like any adjustments, you first discuss with us in detail the required sizing to avoid unnecessary shipping costs.

Visit our product info page to check our sweaters' standard measurements for each of our brands.

Small print : Since we at SweaterHouse are human, too, some rare exceptions may apply but in most cases we can help. And as we said, it's free. It’s on the(Sweater)House. 

Please feel free to Contact Us for further information. 

SweaterHouse. We'll make it fit.